The following conditions govern your use of the NeoDX plug-in and other materials.


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License Agreement

The enclosed software, and its accompanying documentation are protected by both European Union and international copyright laws. Except as noted below, duplication by any means is strictly forbidden and a violation of copyright laws.

Limited Warranty on Software

SinLios Soluciones Digitales warrants the physical media to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of receipt. In the event SinLios Soluciones Digitales receives written notice from you of defects in materials and/or workmanship within the warranty period, SinLios Soluciones Digitales will replace the defective media. Diskettes must be returned to: SinLios Soluciones Digitales; Customer Services; C/ Antonio Machado 7, 28490, Becerril de la Sierra; SPAIN. The remedy for breach of this limited warranty shall be limited to replacement of physical media and shall not include any other damages. The publisher makes no warranty concerning the function or fitness of any programs reproduced on the media included in this package. Neither SinLios Soluciones Digitales, or its authorized agents shall be liable for consequential, special, indirect, or other similar damages or claims, including loss of profits or any other commercial damages, and in no event will the liability for any damages to you or any other person ever exceed the price paid for the license to use the software, regardless of any form of the claim. SinLios Soluciones Digitales specifically disclaims all other warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

NeoDX Runtime License

Legal, registered users of VisualNEO Win may use NeoDX to produce stand-alone executable (EXE) programs containing original publications. These may be distributed as stand-alone executable (EXE) programs, provided your agreement with anyone who will use the stand-alone executable (EXE) programs which you distribute acknowledges the following items:

1. VisualNEO Win and NeoDX are owned by SinLios Soluciones Digitales;

2. SinLios Soluciones Digitales will not be held responsible for any damages caused by the disks and programs you create and distribute; and

3. SinLios Soluciones Digitales is under no obligation to provide product or technical support to users of the products which you create using VisualNEO Win Professional.

You may distribute the compiled stand-alone executable application programs produced by VisualNEO Win and NeoDX. You may not distribute serial numbers, product registration cards, or other related materials and printed information which are included with VisualNEO Win Professional or NeoDX.